Offenes Hochmoor

Protected landscape area Rauhenzeller Moos

  • Size: Approx. 221,2 hectares
  • Location: Rauhenzeller Moos  between Agathazell and Häuser, Greggenhofen and Weiher.

Interactive map

The purpose of the protection is to,

  • preserve the core areas of the former coherent mire areas of the Rauhenzeller Moos, mainly Groß-Moos, Roß-Moos, Felmer Moos. Gall-Moos, Agathazeller Moos, to be preserved to the existing extent and to improve the site conditions for mire regeneration,
  • ensure the necessary habitat for the occurring flora and fauna, including the necessary food sources and breeding opportunities,
  • Preserve the character of the existing landscape in its alternation of agricultural grasslands, wet meadows, reed beds, secondary biotopes created by peat cutting, patches of upland bog forest, swales, and unobstructed stream channels.

More informations under Website of the Landratsamts Oberallgäu.