Our concept

Your free space

Switch off, take a deep breath, be active in sports. Throughout the year, the easily accessible mountains of the Oberallgäu offer dreamlike conditions for athletes and recreation seekers. It is good and important for our society if many people find their way outside. Every farmer and forester, but also every visitor to the Allgäu should nevertheless be aware that he is jointly responsible for the preservation of the great biodiversity and for the preservation of the unique cultural and natural landscape. So that this succeeds, and everyone (no matter whether farmer or sportsman) can find his free space in the Oberallgäu, there are behavior tips for the respective sports respectively also simple tips for a good coexistence in the Oberallgäu.

My habitat

Whether moors, rivers, lakes, forests, meadows, pastures, alps, alpine grasslands, or our rocky sites. – in each habitat live plants and animals adapted to it. Here there are still disturbance-sensitive species such as black grouse, capercaillie, ptarmigan and rare plants such as the rock carnation. Specific tips on how to behave and recommendations for nature-compatible tours on site help to reduce conflicts between people and disturbance-sensitive species to a minimum. Get to know our sensitive species and protect them through your nature-friendly behavior. 

The concept

The Nagelfluhkette Nature Park, together with the district of Oberallgäu and numerous other partners, has launched the Allgäu-wide awareness campaign "Dein Freiraum. My habitat. Responsible on the road in nature“ has been launched. The holistic approach to visitor management is based on mutual understanding between the target groups and concerns recreational athletes, managers, recreationists and landowners alike. Together with the campaign "Respect your borders" on the Vorarlberg side, cross-border solutions are being sought that can be implemented. 

Nature Protection

The project Visitor Guidance 2.0 is not without reason at the lower nature conservation authority located in the Oberallgäu District Office. The protection of our diverse and beautiful nature in the Allgäu is one of the most important tasks in the visitor guidance project. However, we naturally also want to maintain and create opportunities for mountain bikers, hikers, ski tourers and other groups who enjoy being out in nature to do so in the Oberallgäu. Therefore, our biggest goal is to reconcile the concerns of nature conservation and visitors, because ecosystem services do not only include "preservation of biodiversity" or "clean drinking water", but also "leisure and recreation" and "health". You can find all the information you need for a nature-friendly approach on your next tour in the Oberallgäu here on our website.


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