Everyone knows the brown cattle or the red deer of the Allgäu. But do you know what the ptarmigan looks like in summer dress? Or what the snow caves of the grouse are all about? You can find the answers and much more information about our Allgäu survival artists here. 

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Rock Ptarmigan

A specialist in camouflage and adaptation to the adverse conditions in its habitat.

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The largest European chicken bird likes to remain unseen and is very susceptible to disturbance.

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Black Grouse

90 percent of the population in Germany is found in the Alpine region. The black grouse prefers the well-structured terrain of the krummholz zone. This marginal area...

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Snow Hare

The mountain hare inhabits open areas above the timberline, at altitudes from 1000 to 3500 meters. He very rarely uses underground...

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Red deer

The red deer is a very adaptable animal species and can colonize the most diverse habitats in the Oberallgäu. It prefers extensive...

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Chamois live on steep slopes with rocky parts and loose forest stands, mainly in the area of the timberline and the herb-rich pastures above. In winter...

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The ibex is widespread throughout the Alps including the Allgäu High Alps and climbs to altitudes of 3500 meters. He prefers...

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Alpine Accentor

The Allgäu High Alps represent a typical habitat of the Alpine Accentor. Namely, the birds live in the alpine locations at an altitude between...


Marmots live in family groups and can live up to 15 years.

Golden eagle

After the white-tailed eagle, the golden eagle is the largest bird of prey currently breeding in Germany. With a span...


The lynx is a master of camouflage. He behaves mostly "secretly"...


A fascinating animal with many headlines...

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