Gänsesäger im Alpsee

Protected landscape area Schwarzenberger Weiher with Wintermoos and Sennenmoos

  • Size: Approx. 232 hectares
  • Location: The Schwarzenberg pond with the adjoining Wintermoos and Sennenmoos to the east and southeast in the Mittelberg district.

Interactive map

The purpose of the protection is to,

  • maintain the special recreational value for the general public on the north-western shore in the area of the existing bath, in particular to allow access to the lake at the stelae marked for this purpose,
  • Protect the reed beds and wet meadows present on the remaining riparian areas, primarily as a habitat for the animal and plant species native to these areas,
  • to protect in the moss the mainly regenerated peatlands with valuable biotopes and spirkenfelt remnants with their typical flora and fauna,
  • besides, to preserve the characteristic image of the landscape in its beauty.

More informations under Website of the Landratsamts Oberallgäu.