Naturräume Schutzgebiete Allgäuer Hochalpen

Nature Reserve Allgäu High Alps

As the largest nature reserve in Swabia and one of the largest in Germany, the Allgäu High Alps offer a wide variety of habitats and thus shelter for a range of animal and plant species.

Size: Approx. 20,724 hectares
Location: Area along the state border of the northern limestone high Alps in the southern part of the Oberallgäu district.
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The purpose of the protection is to,

  • protect a part of the Allgäu Alps in its entirety because of its outstanding beauty, diversity, uniqueness and tranquility,
  • protect rare, endangered and vulnerable plant and animal species and to safeguard their habitats and keep disturbances away,
  • leave the natural changes in the surface form unaffected and, in particular, to preserve the natural water bodies unchanged and
  • to maintain the natural balance and forest stands in a stable manner and to promote natural forest regeneration and support the development of native mixed mountain forests.

More informations under Website of the Landratsamt Oberallgäu.