Flussregenpfeiffer Aitrach

Nature reserve Widdumer Weiher

As the largest nature reserve in Swabia and one of the largest in Germany, the Allgäu High Alps offer a wide variety of habitats and thus shelter for a range of animal and plant species.

  • Size: Approx. 29.96 hectares
  • Location: Widdumer Weiher (east of the Iller near Martinszell) with the adjacent moor and siltation areas, litter meadows and marginal farm meadows

Interaktive Karte

The purpose of the protection is to,

  • Protect one of the most beautiful and valuable wet biotopes in southern Oberallgäu,
  • ensure the typical floristic and faunistic species diversity,
  • preserve the landscape structure and the peculiarity of the area,
  • preserve the extensive use of ponds and
  • prevent further eutrophication (over-fertilization) of the pond and tributary waters by creating extensively used buffer zones.

More informations under Website of the Landratsamts Oberallgäu.