1. Drive only on existing paths

Don't drive cross-country (and certainly not across a knee-high, flowering organic meadow, and OBVIOUSLY not side-by-side!).

2. Respect local roadblocks

Locking away has a sensible reason. (Yes, even if it's hard sometimes, we know...).

3. Respect for others

Be considerate and give right of way. Announce your passing well in advance so as not to frighten other road users. 

4. Attention when overtaking

Reduce your speed when overtaking and crossing, stop if necessary. (Ringing is an advantage, calling is also possible).

5. Respect for animals

Be considerate of animals, their habitats and active times. Avoid driving at dusk and in the dark. If you see an animal, stop and wait until it has moved to safety.

6. Watch out for grazing livestock

Close pasture fences after you have passed them. Pay attention to the grazing animals and drive slowly past them.

7. Do not leave traces

If possible, do not brake with locked wheels. Avoid trails after heavy rainfall. Both favor earth erosion. Of course, take your waste home with you!

8. Expect the unpredictable

Drive concentrated & kontrolliert. Du musst in Sichtweite anhalten können, passe also deine Geschwindigkeit dementsprechend an.

9. Check your equipment

From head to toe and of course your bike! For your own safety, always wear a helmet, gloves if necessary and protectors.

10. Equipment

carry tools and an emergency first-aid kit for when the going gets tough.

11. Orientation

Find out in advance about the area you are driving in, take a map and/or your smartphone for orientation.

12. Environment

Start your tour right from your front door, use public transportation or carpool to get there.

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