scheidiges Wollgras

Protected landscape area Betzigauer Moos

  • Size: Approx. 200 hectares
  • Location: The in the area of the municipalities. Betzigau, Haldenwang and Wildpoldsried in the district of Oberallgäu as well as in the city of Kempten lying "Betzigauer Moos" is protected under this designation as a landscape conservation area.

Interactive map

The purpose of the protection is to,

  • preserve the wetland of the Betzigau Marsh, which is a reserve for a wide variety of bird species,
  • provide this bird life with the necessary habitat, including the necessary food sources and breeding opportunity, and to keep disturbances away,
  • preserve the peculiarity of the Betzigau moss determined by the fauna and flora.

More informations under Website the Landratsamts Oberallgäu.