Allgäuer Bergbach

Nature reserve Hölzlers Tobel

One of the very small nature reserves in the Oberallgäu with an enormous wealth of structure and species. A special focus is on the maple-ash occurrence. 

  • Size: Approx. 6.264 hectares
  • Location: surroundings of the Rottach in Buchenberg

Interactive map

The purpose of the protection is to,
To protect nature and landscape on the basis of their own value and as a foundation for human life and health, also in responsibility for future generations, in settled and unsettled areas in such a way that

  • the biodiversity,
  • the performance and functionality of the natural balance, including the regenerative capacity and sustainable usability of the natural assets, as well as
  • the diversity, uniqueness and beauty as well as the recreational value of nature and landscape

 are secured in the long term.

More informations under Website of the Landratsamts Oberallgäu.