Gottesacker höchster Punkt

Hoher Ifen with the Gottesackerwalls

Vor allem das auffallende Plateau und der Ausblick vom 2.230 Meter hochgelegenen Gipfel machen den hohen Ifen zu einem bekannten Ausflugsziel im Oberallgäu. 

  • Size: About 355 hectares
  • Location: Hoher Ifen and surroundings, Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf and Balderschwang

Interactive map

The purpose of the protection is to,
protect nature and landscape on the basis of their own value and as a foundation for human life and health, also in responsibility for future generations, in settled and unsettled areas in such a way that

  • the biodiversity,
  • the performance and functionality of the natural balance, including the regenerative capacity and sustainable usability of the natural assets, as well as
  • the diversity, uniqueness and beauty as well as the recreational value of nature and landscape

are secured in the long term.

More informations under des Landratsamts Oberallgäu.