Wald mit Totholz

Nature reserve Teufelsküche, Sommerhof, Unterlangmoos, Oberlangmoos

  • Size: Approx. 304.2 hectares
  • Location: Forest district Kempten forest 2.5 km west of Görisried 

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In the area of the protected area it is prohibited to: 

  • Damage, uproot, dig up or take away parts of plants
  • cut down mountain pines or to clear their stands except for the removal of offending material.
  • pursue, wantonly disturb, install devices suitable for the capture of, trap or kill any wild animal, or to take away or damage pupae, larvae, eggs or nests and other breeding and dwelling places of such animals, without prejudice to justifiable defense measures against pests.
  • Bring in plants or animals
  • to exercise an economic use other than that permitted in accordance with § 4 paragraph 1
  • drive and park with motor vehicles outside the general traffic roads
  • leave the paths, to camp, to light fires, to throw away garbage or to pollute or impair the premises in any other way
  • change the shape of the soil, cultivate soil components (especially by peat cutting), digging or blasting, depositing garbage, debris and other materials
  • alter the natural watercourses and water surfaces, the groundwater level, the water inflow and outflow, in particular to make drainage ditches, to draw drainage ditches, etc.
  • Create paths and roads or modify existing ones
  • Erect structures of any kind, including fences and enclosures and wire lines that do not require a building code permit
  • place pictorial and written signs without the written permission of the lower nature conservation authority..

More informations under Website of the Landratsamts Oberallgäu.